11 May 2012

Madrid Rio

Madrid Rio
Madrid reconnects to the water. Where there used to be highways on both sides of the river you can now follow the flow on both sides through an endless variety of spaces for recreation. The new river park is the new favourite for many Madrid citizens, and you find them there, relaxing, running or just watching the life take place. This park itself justifies a visit to Madrid.
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Playful pigs in the river park in Madrid

Fish on the docks

Harbour of Ă…lesund
Fish is sold directly from the boat in the docks of Ă…lesund.

Crossing programmes

Pathway underneath a hotel
A hotel in Larvik and the public pathway crossing each other on the beach.

Cultural horizon

The culture house of Larvik and the Oslofjord

Art by Matias Faldbakken on the wall of the culture house of Larvik, Norway

09 May 2011

Public or private waterfront?

Private waterfront apartments in Giudecca in Venice
In Venice the water is public space. It functions as the main infrastructure to move within the city. Moving on land is merely something extra offered. The relationship between buildings and water is as in a street in an ordinary urban structure. Walls of private houses are also the walls of public space. But is this relationsship seen elsewhere? Some places old warehouses by rivers or canals have been transformed into hotels or apartments, where you can catch fish from the balcony or just enjoy the character of the water beneath.

Universal design in Venice

Elevator in Venice
Even Venice is accessible despite it's bridges and canals. Here is an example with an elevator by Canal Grande.

18 August 2010

Stavanger hosts the Waterfront synopsis conference 2010

This year Stavanger hosts the waterfront synopsis conference 2010.  The conference is arranged by NUDA (Nordic Urban Design Association) More information here: www.nuda.no